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Cloud backend

Business today is enduring constant change, and mobile access to information, communication, and applications is no exception. At Sepia, we keep abreast of changing demands and opportunities, so that we can deliver the application features and performance our clients need succeed. When it comes to mobile applications, websites, and web services, success is nearly always dependent on effective backend server support. Simpalm’s backend server development capabilities enable us to ensure that our clients’ mobile and web applications smoothly and efficiently retrieve and deliver the data apps need to provide real value to users and businesses.


Amazon Web Services

An affordable and dependable provider of cloud-based web services for more than a decade, Sepia has considerable experience in using AWS for backend server support.

Sepia has expertise in following AWS Services
- Amazon Lambda compute services to build mobile & web apps
   Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android
- Amazon DynamoDB to provide a scalable and low-latency online    database based on NoSQL.
- Amazon Relational Database Services
- Push Notification, SES, Cognito and API Gateway


Microsoft Azure Cloud 

Sepia has full expertise in building backend servers using Storage, Computing, Mobile, Networking and Analytics from Microsoft Azure. Sepia has built and managed large enterprise mobile, web and Internet of Things (IoT) Microsoft Azure

- SQL server for managed SQL and NoSQL Database that scale
your app performance and improve efficiency.
- Azure Active Directory to manage users and groups of data.
- We can create SQL Database, DocumentDB, as well as Table Storage type.
- Hybrid cloud storage.
- Source Control, Continuous Integration (CI) tools like TFS and Github.


PHP/.NET Database Development

Sepia frequently uses PHP server-side programing language to build backend component and server-side software to connect with third-party web services and support the frontend of the application. We recommend PHP backend when easy-to-use information pulling and editing is needed in the database.

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